A centre for the whole community

A centre for all

A new hall for village events, activities, meetings and much more

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Features of the new Dersingham Village Hall

The new Village Centre will be built on the site of the existing Church Hall, which was built in 1911 when the population was just 1,500. It is now not suitable for a large and growing community of over 5,000 people. A structural survey pointed out some serious defects, which mean it is not financially viable to renovate or adapt the existing building. St Nicholas Parochial Church Council have offered the site to the Parish Council for the new Village Centre.

The new building will provide for the existing groups using the Church Hall, who deliver valuable services to users but have to deal with a lack of modern facilities and adequate heating. However, the new premises and facilities will also appeal to a wider range of people and offer more activities. The amenities of the hall will cater for the large retired population of the village, and for the many younger families with children. See the plans here.

Some of the features of the new Centre will include:

  • The design of the building will contain elements of the traditional appearance of the current hall
  • Café style area with internet access to create a community hub.
  • Dedicated space for young people.
  • An office for the Parish Council.
  • Large hall including a stage, suitable for major functions.

Activities will include:

  • Regular youth club
  • Training and education to help raise aspirations. This will include communications and digital technology.
  • Business networking centre
  • Social/drop in facilities for lone parents, struggling families, and single older people.
  • Public health related activities such as exercise groups. Support and clinic sessions for people living with long term conditions, for example diabetes, obesity, mental ill-health, and stroke.
  • Whole village events such as the village cinema. Touring music, theatre and drama groups.

As well as catering for clubs, the building will accommodate large social functions, for example weddings, birthdays and presentations. At present anyone wishing to hold a large event (including village groups) has to use a hall in another area. This takes members and their families out of the village.

The Village Centre will be an attractive building...

hall roof
A pantile roof The roof will be tiled with weathered pantiles to give a traditional Norfolk look.
Detail window
Large side window To admit light and provide a visual feature there will be a decorative side window.
Local building materials
Eco-friendly Natural building materials will include local carrstone and larch cladding.
Cafe and display area
Café and display area A café, display zone and parish drop-in area combine to make a village hub.