Happy New Year Dersingham!

A very Happy New Year to all Dersingham residents, and may 2016 bring you good health, peace and prosperity.

Here at the Village Centre working group we are hoping for good news in 2016 as we await the result of our bid for funding from The Big Lottery. We had hoped that our stage 2 bid would have been approved by now, but it seems that, like so many things in life, the Lottery are running late! So it may be February before we have a result.

dersingham village centre lotteryMeanwhile, we are fundraising around the village, as we will need to add substantially to any monies received from the Big Lottery. We have our own lottery up and running now – the Dersingham Centre Lottery, where members each pay a £5 monthly subscription to purchase a number. All numbers are entered into a monthly prize draw, with 30% of the sales being distributed as prizes. The remaining 70% of subscriptions will go to the new Village Centre fund. If you would like to subscribe, preferably annually or in quarterly instalments, please contact the Parish council office, or complete the form in the December issue of Village Voice magazine.