Dance your way to fitness

We’ve got many different classes running now at the new Centre. If you’d like to combine getting a bit fitter with the joy of the dance then you might like to consider the classes by Peg Hunter, who currently runs our regular tea dances. Peg has a Ballet for All group on a Wednesday morning at 10.30am, followed by Rock Your Baby at 11.30am. More details below, please contact Peg to book.

01485 541162 or 07930 556675 or email

Ballet for All

A general ballet class aimed at adults of any age.  The class, lasting an hour, consists of barre work, ports de bras, adage and gentle allegro.  In simple terms, this is a set of exercises holding onto the barre or a chair which warm the body up whilst stretching muscles and preparing the balance for centre work.  In the centre, arms are added to movements which develop the ability to balance and hold positions.  The gentle allegro consists of small jumping movements interspersed with pointing and pauses!  The overall class looks very gentle but actually uses muscles you have forgotten about.  It improves posture which in itself brings many benefits.  You feel graceful yet strong and will see gradual improvement in your balance, poise and well-being.  This class is aimed at anyone who has never done ballet, or did ballet as a child or did it for many years and wants to re-engage.

Fit ‘n’ dancin’

A part exercise / part dance class for anyone who wishes to take part.  The exercise part is the same each week for a term and aims to work all joints and muscle groups, but the dance differs each month.  Currently the classes have tackled cha cha, modern, Egyptian (classical not belly!), cheer dance and Spanish fan dancing.  These dances are learned over the period of the month in small bits.  A lot of laughter normally accompanies this part of the class as people try to get their heads around using legs and arms at the same time.

Rock Your Baby Dancing

A parent and child class where you exercise and dance along with your little one.  If they are still small enough to be held in a carrier or sling then this is a great way to bond with them whilst getting yourself back into shape.  If they are on their feet then encouraging them to dance along with you increases the bond.  The class is part exercise and part dance with a different dance style being learnt in small bits each week so that by the end of the month you may be able to do a cha cha or waltz or maybe some street dance or ballet.  It is a wide variety of subjects on offer.  Of course, during class baby comes first, so if a feed is needed or a change, then that’s what you do!  This class is also a lovely “support” group as you meet other parents and share experiences and offer/receive advice.  As well as a wide variety of adult friendly music we include specific tunes for the little people such as “sleeping bunnies”, “brum brum wiggle” and many others.