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Fundraising and management of the new Centre

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The Dersingham Village Centre Association

The Association was set up for the purpose of fundraising for the new Centre and to subsequently manage the running of the building and its activities and events. To this end the DVCA will lease the Centre from the Parish Council at a peppercorn rent. Responsibilities include overseeing the equipping of the new building, including the kitchen, furniture, and other items that are needed, as well as managing the bookings for the Centre and its ongoing running.

How is the DVCA run?

The Association is run by a group of volunteers, currently chaired by Mr. David Collingham. The DVCA is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation, which will legally enables it to do many things in its own name, such as employ staff. There are also tax and business rates benefits which are only available to charitable organisations. The DVCA is a non profit making organisation whose function is to manage the new Centre on behalf of the Dersingham Parish Council.

Joining the Association

All residents of Dersingham are entitled to free and full membership of the DVCA. This entitles them to vote at DVCA General Meetings, which would be the Annual General Meeting, held in May, and any Extraordinary General Meetings. The Association is also in need of more volunteers who can help in the tasks which the DVCA has to undertake. Please contact us if you would like to become a Trustee or help in some other way.

Association Documents

There are some documents available here, as PDFs, including the new Constitution recently adopted as part of the requirements of the Charity Commissioners. DVCA members can ask for further documents, such as the minutes of meetings. Please contact us if you need these.

The new DVCA Constitution The previous DVCA Constitution

The Village Centre will be an attractive building...

hall roof
A pantile roof The roof will be tiled with weathered pantiles to give a traditional Norfolk look.
Detail window
Large windows To admit light and provide a visual feature there will be extensive glazed areas.
Local building materials
Eco-friendly Natural building materials will include local carrstone and larch cladding.
Cafe and display area
Café and display area A café, display zone and parish drop-in area combine to make a village hub.