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The Dersingham Village Centre Association

The Association was set up as a non profitmaking organisation for the purpose of fundraising for the new Centre and to subsequently manage the running of the building and its activities and events. To this end the DVCA leases the Centre from the Parish Council at a peppercorn rent.

Funds were raised to equip the building, including the kitchen, furniture, and the many other items that were needed. This is a constantly ongoing process, with the intention always being to improve and extend the Centre's facilities.

The DVCA manages the bookings for the Centre and its ongoing running.The income from bookings, together with the profit from fundraising events, is used for the day to day running expenses of the Centre and the maintenance of the building including the equipment within it.

How is the DVCA run?

The DVCA is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation, which legally enables it to do many things in its own name, such as employ staff. There are also tax and business rates benefits which are only available to charitable organisations. There are currently eleven Trustees, chaired by Mrs Susan Payne and they meet approximately twice a month. There is also a small team of volunteers who help in many ways. You can find out more about volunteering on our volunteers page.

More about volunteers

The DVCA Trustees

Currently the Trustees are: Freda Ablewhite, Shirley Brooks, Graham Eley, Margaret Mann, Stephen Martyn, Susan Payne (Chair), Coral Shepherd (Parish Council representative), Gemma Ward (Finance Officer), Thomas Wheeler (Secretary).

Joining the Association

All residents of Dersingham are automatically entitled to free and full membership of the DVCA. This enables them to vote at DVCA General Meetings, which would be the Annual General Meeting, usually held in May, and any Extraordinary General Meetings. The Association is also in need of more volunteers who can help in the tasks which the DVCA has to undertake. Please contact us if you would like to become a Trustee or help in some other way.

Association Documents

The Association Constitution is available as a PDF download from the link below. DVCA members can ask for further documents, such as the minutes of meetings. Please contact us if you need these.

The DVCA Constitution