Tea Dance Cancellation 30th September

village centre logoIf you are a dancer and might want to attend our next afternoon Tea Dance on Friday 30th September, please note that this event will not be taking place this month. Our dance teacher Peg has family  commitments which mean that she is unable to host the event as usual. It will return in October.

Prizewinning Lottery – September 2022

image of lottery draw Every month there’s a chance to win a Village Centre Lottery prize. By taking part in the Lottery you directly help the Centre with both day-to-day running expenses and with  our rolling programme of updating and improving the furniture and equipment of the Centre. Of course, we would love to have more players so that the Centre gets even more help.

If you know anyone who would like to join the lottery then you’ll be giving us a big helping hand. It costs just £5 per month and the more players the bigger the prize fund. Anyone can join the lottery draw online by visiting our Village Centre Fundraising page Thank you for your support!

This month’s draw was made on Thursday 8th September 2022. The results are: First prize, number 63 winning £24.00. Second prize number 16 winning £16.00 and third prize number 11 winning £8.00.