October Lottery Draw

image of lottery drawEvery month there’s a chance to win a Village Centre Lottery prize. We are very appreciative of our supporters and now that the Centre has reopened the proceeds of the lottery become even more important. New and different items need to be bought in order that the building is fully Covid-19 secure and we need to boost our income to cover the running costs of the Centre. Due to the limitations placed on us by government guidance, the income that we are able to achieve is not sufficient to cover the regular outgoings, particularly as we are coming into the cooler weather when our heating costs increase.

This month’s draw was made on Wednesday 14th October 2020 at the Village Centre.

The results are: First prize, number 13 winning £24.00. Second prize number 17 winning £16.00 and third prize number 25 winning £8.00.

Congratulations to the lucky prize winners and if you Subscribe to our Lottery you could join them, plus you’ll be giving us a big helping hand. Thank you – we really need your support!